Templates For Travel Advisors

Travel Advisor Legal Bundle

Are you worried that the legal documents are not up to par?

Feel protected by having your legal documents in order.

Did you cobble together your legal documents from other travel websites?

Do you struggle to communicate with your clients about the policies for your agency?

That all changes with the TRAVEL AGENT LEGAL BUNDLE! 

Now you can purchase 3 templates to start (or continue) your travel business on the right foot. 

What do you get in your bundle?

You will receive 3 editable templates that will build trust, protect you and your business, and provide clarity to your clients regarding your agency’s policy. 

Who is this bundle PERFECT for?

  • New travel advisors wishing to start their business on the right foot with strong legal contracts and policies. 
  • Travel advisors with  independent contractors that want to make sure that their contracts provide clarity about the duties and responsibilities of the ICs and clarify the role of the ICs as it relates to the home agency.
  • Travel advisors that are using a copy and pasted document not tailored to their business

What’s Included?

You will receive the following templates: 

  • Independent Contractor
  • Consumer Agreement
  • Organized Group Client Agreement
  • 1.5 Hours of Customization for your templates

Need a completely custom contract, just one template, or do you need your contract reviewed?

Schedule a 30 minute consultation call ($25) by clicking here.

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