My Journey Through Travel

My goal is to help travel agents build their businesses with smart effective business planning, reasonably priced contracts, and smart, down to Earth, plain English lessons to be better armed when dealing with clients and suppliers.

To learn more about why I am passionate about working with advisors, I have to start not at the beginning but on my path through public service which started around the time I graduated from college.

From paralegal to prosecutor

After graduating from the University of Florida, I moved back to New York City after spending many years living in different states.

I came back to NYC to start working on my degree in Forensic Psychology because I knew regardless of what I used the degree for I would be helping people. I had visions of becoming a Criminal Profiler for the FBI but realized about a year in that I didn’t like the work so I decided to change course.

Before I changed course, I completed an internship at the local prosecutor’s office and they made a job offer that I happily took. For 3.5 years I worked as a paralegal and I completed law school at New York Law School just a few blocks from my job.

After taking and passing the bar, I left to work for the Bronx District Attorney’s Office where I spent the next 5 years of my life working on cases that made me happy, sad, angry, and frustrated.

From prosecutor to travel advisor

When I started at the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, I believed that I would be there until I retired because I made it to my dream job there was nothing else I wanted.

For the first few years it was great but eventually shifting schedules, night shifts, and weekend shifts started to get overwhelming and about that time I also discovered a new passion……

I actually began my travel business while I was working as a prosecutor, initially it was just a hobby, something to do that was not related to the law at all and for a year, I just dabbled.

As I began to like it more and more, I became more serious about it and I started seeing the travel industry in a different light.

Travel Advisor + Travel Educator

Eventually, I decided the freedom I would have working with my travel business was what I wanted so I quit my job at the DA’s office and eventually quit working full time as my travel business was becoming successful.

Now I still incorporate my extensive legal background and my experience within the travel industry to offer a product designed for success.

I have had an opportunity to speak at conferences, webinars, and I work with travel advisors that need my assistance on individual projects.

My courses are designed to work for everyone from new to the industry to experienced advisors and I guarantee that I can help you implement changes that will further increase your business’ efficiencies and further protect your business from litigation.

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