Hello, my name is Tammy O’Hara.

I teach current and prospective travel advisors the strategies to effectively run a legally proper business which will allow them to maximize their earning potential and expand their businesses.

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Healthy Travel Business Self Audit

Consumer Agreement Checklist

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My Services

I want to make my services accessible to all travel advisors because money should not be a barrier to protecting your business and assets. I provide reasonably priced contract templates AND each template will be personalized to your business.

My Upcoming Courses

This course is recommended for prospective or travel advisors 2 years or less in the business who want to make sure they start on the right foot

Tammy O’Hara Legal Consulting

Tammy is a New York State licensed attorney with over 8 years of legal experience and the owner of Million Miles Travel Agency, a luxury travel agency based in Brooklyn, New York.

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